Welcome to the Naturpark (Nature Resort) in der Weinidylle !

It is located in Southern Burgenland, one of the most beautiful areas in Austria . The idyllic landscape of Nature Resort “Weinidylle” gives you various offers for spending your leisure time e.g. an Uhudlertour (Uhudler is a type of typical regional wine, which is a “Natural Wine”) through the romantic museum-cellars, a tour with a horse-drawn Uhudler-coachman and you can also take part in a wine tasting course.
There are a lot of travel tours, cycle and horse tracks to discover.
Why don't you take a look at the beauties and offers of the Nature Resort “Weinidylle” yourself?
Our Resort is also well known for its red and white wine. There are the substantial "Blaufränkisch" and the fruity "Welschriesling" which you should taste.
It will be a pleasure for us to welcome you.

The Nature Resort “Weinidylle”

The Nature Resort “Weinidylle” was founded in 1999 and covers an area of 7270 hectare including the districts of Guessing (with the communities Guessing, Strem, Heiligenbrunn, Moschendorf, Eberau) and Oberwart (community Deutsch Schuetzen – Eisenberg).
Up to date the Nature Resort “Weinidylle” expands along the idyllic hills between the river Pinka and the lower Stremdale, were you will also find the well known vineyards and the wine-cellars of the Southern Burgenland . In this region you can see botanically extraordinary meadows along the Strem and the famous museum cellars in Heiligenbrunn.
In the future the area of the Nature Resort “Weinidylle” will include the whole communities (incl. Bildein) and may even expand over the border to Hungary.

>> Look at the interactive outline map!

The “Weinidylle” is the smallest wine district in Austria . There is only about 430 hectare wine growing, which is cultivated by 1800 families. Therefore it offers wine-lovers an extensive selection. It´s not only the idyllic landscape, romantic villages or the historical scenery in Heiligenbrunn that enchants the visitors, but it´s also the excellent wines that have gained friends far across the border. There is nothing as romantic as having a glass of Welschriesling, Blaufraenkisch or the famous Uhudler in one of the numerous old wine-cellars and taking a spicy snack.

Several "Vinotheken", where you can taste and buy the fine regional wines wait for your visit.

The communities

>>BILDEIN - the village without borders

>>Events in Bildein

Municipal office Bildein: A-7521 Bildein, +43 (0) 3323 2597
mail: post@bildein.bgld.gv.at

>>DEUTSCH SCHÜTZEN - EISENBERG - the metropolis of wine

>>Events in Deutsch Schützen - Eisenberg

Municipal office Deutsch Schützen - Eisenberg: A-7474 Dt. Schützen,
+43 (0) 3365 22252
mail: post@deutsch-schuetzen-eisenberg.bgld.gv.at

>>EBERAU - Village with a history

>>Events in Eberau

Municipal office Eberau: A-7521 Eberau, +43 (0) 3323 4003
mail: post@eberau.bgld.gv.at

>>GÜSSING - the model-city with the cultural offer

>>Events in Güssing

Municipal office Guessing: Hauptplatz 7, A-7540 Güssing,
+43 (0) 3322 42311
mail: post@guessing.bgld.gv.at; tourismus.guessing@aon.at

>>HEILIGENBRUNN - a very romantic place

>>Events in Heiligenbrunn

Municipal office Heiligenbrunn: A-7522 Heiligenbrunn, +43 (0) 3324 7281
mail: post@heiligenbrunn.bgld.gv.at

>>MOSCHENDORF - the village with the museum

>>Events in Moschendorf

Municipal office Moschendorf: A-7540 Moschendorf, +43 (0) 3324 6521
mail: post@moschendorf.bgld.gv.at

>>STREM - the village of the flowers and the sun

>>Events in Strem

Municipal office Strem: Lindenstraße 1, A-7522 Strem,
+43 (0) 3324 7204
mail: post@strem.bgld.gv.at


Apartments in a wine-cellar ("Kellerstöcklappartements") – Living in the vineyard

The association Nature Resort “Weinidylle” started in 2003 with a project that had been sponsored by the European Union. The aim was to motivate and support owners of wine-cellars to renovate their cellars for tourist apartments. The association Nature Resort “Weinidylle” tries now to support all people, who are interested in this topic.
The EU sponsored the rebuilding of existing and not needed wine-cellars into apartments. They paid regard on the typical regional character of the apartments and on topics concerning wine.
For more details look at www.kellerstoeckl.info or
mail to: info@kellerstoeckl.info

Naturpark in der Weinidylle

A-7540 Moschendorf, Weinmuseum
Obmann: Peter Schlaffer

Tel.: +43 (0) 3324 6318
Fax: +43 (0) 3324 6318 4
mail: info@naturpark.at
The medieval castle of Guessing
A beautiful wine-cellar in Heiligenbrunn
Activities for children and adults

Several activites in the Nature Resort can be explored by guests.

>>Overview-map of the Naturpark in der Weinidylle
Dieses Projekt wird kofinanziert aus Mitteln
der EU, Bund und Land Burgenland